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Dental Products

SANOS® Veterinary Dental Sealant is a one-step application that helps keep the subgingival gumline of dogs and cats clean. SANOS® is applied after every professional dental cleaning to protect under the gumline and the ‘difficult to reach’ areas such as under the gums of the back (caudal) teeth. SANOS® is not for the cosmetic visible crown of the tooth, it is for keeping plaque and tartar from forming under the gums. SANOS® is designed to be applied after a professional dental cleaning. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) has awarded its Seal of Acceptance to SANOS® Companion Animal Veterinary Dental Sealant.



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Ear Products

OticArmor® Veterinary Otic Liquid Bandage is a one-step application by the professional that helps keep the ear canal of dogs clean. OticArmor is designed for pet owners who have difficulty cleaning their pet’s ears at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions Dental Care


Q: Why does my pet need dental care?

A: Periodontal disease is both painful and preventable. An important goal for dog and cat owners is proper dental care to help their pets retain their teeth. Not only is this important for the short term, but for quality and longevity of life in the long term as well. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can ultimately result in the spreading of bacteria throughout your pet’s system, possibly resulting in problems with the kidneys, liver and heart. A 6-month Wellness Program, including dental prevention is an important part in the overall health of your pet. SANOS® will help prevent plaque from attaching under the gums. In instances where your pet already has signs of gum problems, SANOS® has been shown to be beneficial in the pet’s mouth on soft tissue.

Q: What is the purpose of SANOS®?

A: SANOS® is designed to help keep the gingival sulcus or gingival pocket (under the gums) clean. SANOS® is not for stopping plaque on the crown of the tooth. SANOS® is for protecting the gingiva and gingival sulcus, the most important area to aid in the prevention of periodontal disease. The gingival margin and the surfaces within the gingival pocket (the subgingival space between the gum and the root) are very important areas to keep free of plaque for maintaining the dental health of your pet. “Professional dental scaling includes scaling the surfaces of the teeth both above and below the gingival margin (gum line), followed by dental polishing. The most critical part of a dental scaling procedure is scaling the tooth surfaces that are within the gingival pocket (the subgingival space between the gum and the root)…Removal of dental tartar on the visible surfaces of the teeth has little effect on a pet’s health, and provides a false sense of accomplishment. The effect is purely cosmetic.” – American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC)

Q: Is SANOS® like a human dental sealant?

A: No, SANOS® is designed to keep the gingival sulcus (under the gums) of dogs and cats clean. Human dental sealants are a dental treatment consisting of applying a plastic material to one or more teeth, for the intended purpose of preventing dental caries (cavities) or other forms of tooth decay (from Wikipedia).

Q: How is SANOS® applied?

A: SANOS® is applied by a professional after a prophylaxis (dental cleaning). It is ‘painted’ under the gums with dental brushes.

Q: How long will SANOS® last?

A: Clinical results have shown a single SANOS® application typically lasts up to 6 months. SANOS® is designed to last between dental visits. However, please consult your provider since a pet’s age, current condition and care unrelated to dentistry may require more frequent visits.

Q: Can I brush my pet’s teeth after SANOS® application?

A: SANOS® is designed for use after every professional dental cleaning. SANOS® is for use after every dental to help protect the ‘difficult to reach’ areas such as the caudal teeth for pet owners who do brush. It is recommended to wait 7 days before resuming brushing.

Q: Do I need to do any home care after the SANOS® application?

A: No, SANOS® is designed to be worry free for the pet owner (i.e. no SANOS® take home re-application required). Please consult your provider for recommendations as to when your pet should return for a checkup.


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