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Dermatology Products

Pyoderma is a bacterial infection of the skin. Most skin infections are secondary to a variety of other conditions; allergies, endocrine disease, seborrheic conditions and parasitic diseases are the most common. Clinical signs associated with pyoderma are papules or pustules, scaling and itching. Bacterial skin infection occurs when the epidermal barrier is defective or the immune system has been suppressed. Treatment of superficial pyoderma involves administration of appropriate antibiotics, topical care, and addressing underlying factors. The goal of topical care is to keep the area clean and hydrated for faster resolution. Owner compliance is important as shampoo therapy every other day is often prescribed. Bathing is very time consuming and appropriate contact time and thorough rinsing with warm water are key steps. This can be a challenging task. Professionals can provide a convenient solution by applying CutoGuard®, a long-lasting liquid bandage that was specifically developed to keep the affected area clean and free of contamination. Upon application, the liquid bandage dries rapidly and forms a protective cover that is flexible and durable. CutoGuard® is convenient, effective and naturally wears off as the skin heals.

Forms a protective layer over lesions, sores, hot spots and wounds. CutoGuard is a long-lasting liquid bandage designed for convenience. The product is professionally applied. It keeps the affected area clean and free of contamination during the healing process.


AAC03000V CutoGuard ®




Otic Products

Otitis externa, an inflammation of the external ear canal is one of the most common ear diseases seen in dogs. Primary causes of otitis externa include atopic dermatitis, food allergy, and ear mites. Many dogs with otitis externa require lifelong management of their disease. The best way to prevent otitis is by keeping the dog’s ear clean. This is important for those animals that have pendulous ears, have lots of hair in their ears, or have allergies that make them prone to ear infections. Treatment usually includes cleaning the ears by the pet owner daily for one to two weeks. This can be a challenging task. Professionals can help pets avoid ear infections by practicing prevention. This is where OticArmor® can help.

Provides a convenient and effective way to help clients who can’t perform ear cleaning at home. OticArmor is a one-step application that helps and aids in decreasing pruritus, erythema and exudate caused by Otitis Externa. One easy professional application every three months frees your clients from the burden of daily ear cleaning.


AAO02000V OticArmor®




Dental Products

Periodontal disease is both painful and preventable. An important goal for dog and cat owners is proper dental care to help their pets retain their teeth. Not only is this important for the short term, but for quality and longevity of life in the long term as well. Left unchecked, periodontal disease can ultimately result in the spreading of bacteria throughout the animal’s system, possibly resulting in problems with the kidneys, liver and heart. A 6-month Wellness Program, including dental prevention is an important part in the overall health of your pet. SANOS® will help prevent plaque from attaching under or on the gingival margin. In instances where the dog or cat already has signs of subgingival problems, SANOS® has been shown to be beneficial as a liquid bandage in the pet’s mouth on soft tissue.

SANOS® is applied after every professional dental cleaning to protect under the gumline and the ‘difficult to reach’ areas such as under the gums of the back (caudal) teeth. SANOS® is a gingival dental sealant for dogs and cats that seals the subgingival gum line (gingival sulcus) against the formation of plaque. Clinically proven to last for 6 months without any take-home application required.


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